Enrich User Experience through AI-driven recommendations

The RecoTap Recommendation Engine empowers your business by bringing one tap personalization solutions at the tip of your fingers.


RecoTap's Machine learning powered models are sure to dramatically transform the pace and scale of growth for your business.

E-commerce Marketplaces

With E-commerce booming and providing the users with abundance of choices it becomes mandatory for an e-commerce portal to make their users feel special. This is where RecoTap comes in, it enables a one to one dialouge and interaction point to the user through personalized recommendations.

“A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”
- Steve Jobs

RecoTap helps you to understand your customer base and their likes and preferences and with services like user engagement, user Retention, Intuitive promotions helps your business grow.

Media & Entertainment

It feels awesome when you open a media channel and your favorite show is being aired right?. Imagine you login in to a streaming platform and the first link you see is the highly recommended movie by your best friend. That is exactly how RecoTap works.

RecoTap analyses the browse patterns and understands the users interests and based on that recommends the content. Whatever is your platform streaming, publishing, or information media. Recommendations always prove to be the star as it gives the viewers a personalized touch by suggesting their comfort zone content.

Marketing Intelligence

How often are your "generic" campaigns are based on a hit or a miss trend. Well if the answer to it is quite often then marketers RecoTap is here to rescue you from the swamp like data and guide you to make sense of it all.

RecoTap's User Segmentation, targeted marketing and performance testing for specific campaigns will enable the marketers to address today's marketing painpoints, by effectively analysing the massive data in a structured manner.

RecoTap Analytics provides an insight into the consumers trend, anticipated patterns and intent motivation. Which will effectively assist in devising strategies tailored for individual consumers for a much higher success rate.


RecoTap helps harness the power of data and helps to focus it at the correct target segment.

User Engagement

The relevant recommendations leads to exploration of more products thereby increasing the number of products viewed and engaging your customer.

User Retention

Tailored offers and campaigns based on expenditure trends are more likely to impel your customers to keep coming back thereby retaining them.

Customer Segmentation

Dividing up the customer base based on various demographic factors helps in targeting the correct set of customers.

Predictive Analysis

Recommending the right product at the right time to the right customer. Insightful cross-sell upsell suggestions based on which are the most likely products that user would buy.

Intuitive Promotions

Reaching out to the users at a time when the user will be most receptive to your messages, with the spot on promotions will help boost your CTR and reduce cart abandonment rate.

Performance Insights

Analyse the impact of your campaigns or recommendation choices using performance testing reports exclusive tailored to align with your business goals.

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