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Get the guess work out of your growth strategy

Let Recotap automate the process of identifying the most valuable customer accounts, and in converting them to a qualified lead.
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How Recotap can work for your company

1. Just tell Recotap your company's Ideal Customer Profile

Let the AI take care of the rest ! Recotap uses the ICP attributes such as your company's target Industry vertical, Employee count, Revenue, Geography, Job Roles, to build matching rules that can identify prospects that are a perfect fit for your company's solution.

Customer Profile

2. Let Recotap suggestAccount prospects foryour company

Recotap uses the rules to look in the right places where your company's Target Accounts are likely to visit and identifies those Target Accounts based on conversion propensity.

Let Recotap suggest prospects

3. Reach your company'sprospects with Pinpoint Targeting

By using Account Based Advertising your company can serve highly personalised ads on top quality business websites that Target Account’s Buyer group are most likely to visit and lead them to a personalised landing page. Recotap can also be used to send Account Based emails. By taking this approach your company can reduce wastage, save precious marketing dollars and ultimately improve the Marketing ROI.

Pin-point Targeting

4. Deliver personalised landing/home pages based on intent

By surfacing the most relevant content to each member of the Target account’s buyer group that meet their needs, Recotap dramatically improves the engagement by delivering a truly personalized and dynamic content experience on the your company's website and landing pages.

Intent based personalisation

5. Build your company's growth engine

Recotap is best suited for lean marketing teams as it shifts focus on improving marketing strategy by automating the resource intensive low-value tasks.

Growth Engine

It's important to personalize content, messaging, and the entire funnel to individuals. Recotap solves the problem others have solved piece-meal, and they solve fully.

Gtmhub Testimonial

Alex Galin

Head of Growth, Ruum by SAP

Using Recotap, our marketers were able to easily personalize the campaigns and based on the performance, update strategy in real-time.

Republic Testimonial

rumit anand

chief product officer, Republic

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