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Recotap ABM Stack

Recotap is an AI-driven Account Based Marketing platform that makes it simple for B2B companies like yours to Identify and focus your marketing effort on prospective Accounts that show a high degree of purchase Intent.


Discover which companies are visiting your website. Turn anonymous website visits to actionable information and contact decision makers with confidence.

  • 1 project (domain)
  • 1 User
  • 1000 Account Leads/Month from website visits
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Go from Reactive to Proactive Marketing. Find Accounts matching your ICP and launch targetted 1:1 and 1: M ABM campaigns.

  • 2 projects (1 domain | 1 subdomain)
  • Unlimited Account Leads from website visits
  • Unlimited Ad Placements (Account Based Advertising with preferential rate)
  • 10 Page personalisation
  • API Integrations
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When "limit" doesn't fit anymore and comes in the way of your growth. Go custom with everything.

  • Unlimited projects (1 domain | unlimited subdomains )
  • Unlimited Page personalisation
  • New Account Prospects
  • New Contact details of the Account Prospects
  • Customisation
  • Support for agencies
  • Dedicated Account Manager
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