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Knowing that you're visiting from Ashburn, United States, that it's snowing right now and the temperature is 33.38 ℉ is really not a big deal, until these non-personal details are used to personalise the browsing experience and ultimately help in improving your conversion goals whenever your customers visit your website.

Enter Recotap! The super tool that combines the power of data, and Artificial Intelligence to tailor content to each visitor of your website to increase conversion rates by up to 250%.

Recotap because...


higher conversion rates when visitors are shown content relevant to their position.


marketers use automation software to drive conversions.


visitors who come to your website aren’t ready to buy (yet).

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Know your visitors and personalize in real time.

  1. Instantly identify site visitors through their IP address.

  2. Turn anonymous website visitors into known targets in real time - before they even fill out a form.

  3. Instantly personalize your website using all available information.

Use your data to power the website.

  1. Integrate your CRM directly with recotap.

  2. Personalize content based on where the visitor lies in your CRM Funnel.

  3. Elimintate fields and make web forms shorter. Increase form completions.

Get faster results with easy to use builder.

  1. Create beautiful, conversion-optimized landing pages - without a developer.

  2. Publish in minutes with 150+ free page templates.

  3. 30+ widgets offer advanced desgin customizations.

Our intuitive dashboard makes personalization easy to manage.

  1. Integrate with multiple data sources and personalize with ease.

  2. Optimize and tweak your strategies using insights obtained.

  3. Track insights in real time and understand even the smallest of customer details.

Integrates with your favourite marketing systems

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