Case Study — How Recotap solution improves client’s Ad ROI by optimising webpages for conversions

Case Study Sep 6, 2019


Our client is a US-headquartered manufacturer of water quality testing & analysis equipment. Their annual digital ad spends were upwards of 3 million dollars. A significant portion of the Ad budget went into protecting their brand — brand protection is an act of preventing someone from illegally selling a product using their brand name.

However, their brand protection ads faired very poorly in conversions, compared to their keyword-based ads, even as the cost of acquiring such ads were twice as much as the latter. There were a clear business case and an urgent need to solve the low-conversion problem.


On analysis, we noted 3 issues to be the primary constituent of the conversion problem.

  • No context was provided for the visitor who clicked a brand protection ad — they were taken to the homepage by default instead of a product page that corresponds to the keyword they clicked.
  • Multiple (5 or more) steps were required for the user to self navigate to the product page that he or she searched for. This led to the visitor prematurely exiting the website.
  • Repeat visits from the visitor were not tracked, hence they saw the same static information over and over again.


The solution to overcome the conversion rate problem involved implementing Recotap to provide a dynamic and personalised homepage experience for the visitors who click a brand protection Ad, as well as those who visited the website directly.

  • Show personalised homepage banners related to the search keyword, location and company from where the visitor logged-in.
  • Create Up-sell and Cross-sell opportunities by recommending products based on the search keyword used by the visitor and the industry their companies belonged.
  • Showcase customer list using the search keywords and the location information.
  • Display case studies related to the search keyword and visitor’s company information.

By automating the post-click landing page experiences for the client and keeping the Ad spend the same as before, Recotap focused on improving conversions by > 300%


Recotap turns every ad click into high-value customers and lowers the cost-per-acquisition metric. Talk to us if you are looking to improve your conversion results and produce a better return on your ad spends.

Arun Gopalaswami

Co-founder & CEO @Recotap ¦ Likes all things SaaS ¦ Design Thinker ¦ Digital Enabler.