3 types of ABM. Which one's best for you?

blog Aug 3, 2023

Not more than 5 minutes and you’ll know which type of ABM you should use.

I've demo-ed to 1000+ B2B Marketers over the past 4 years & worked closely with our customers and found insights on ABM that practically work.

It's during these engaging interactions that I understood which distinct ABM approach should be used when.

In this blog post, I will dig into the 3 types of ABM and discuss when it's best for you to use which type of strategy.

So, grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and get ready to unravel the mysteries of ABM.

Type of ABM

Name of ABM


No. of Accounts involved

One : One

Strategic ABM

Targets individual accounts


One : Few

ABM Lite

Targets a small group of accounts

10 -100

One : Many

Programmatic ABM

Targets a larger set of accounts


This blog sheds light on the three primary ABM types:

1: One-to-One ABM: For the Crème de la Crème

Here, you’ll:

  • have to spend time crafting personalized experiences for every account.
  • focus on building strong, deep relationships with a few high-value accounts.
  • tailor your marketing and sales efforts to address the unique pain points and objectives of each account.

When to use 1-to-1 ABM?

a) High-value target accounts:

When you have a limited number of top-tier accounts that are critical to your business growth, One-to-One ABM allows you to give them undivided attention.

b) Complex sales cycles:

If your sales process involves multiple decision-makers and requires a high-touch approach, One-to-One ABM helps you to navigate the intricacies and build meaningful connections.

c) Account Expansion:

Use One-to-One ABM for account expansion within existing customers. Tailor campaigns to drive cross-selling or upselling while enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing their lifetime value, fostering deeper customer loyalty.

If you ask me, i'll say that...

One-to-one ABM is all about crafting personalized experiences for individual accounts.
Here, you focus on building strong, deep relationships with a few high-value accounts which 1 MAIN GOAL:
Tailoring your marketing & sales efforts to address the unique pain points and objectives of each account.

Wondering how to engage with high value accounts?

Listen to my podcast with Christina from Riverbed Technologies here

2: One-to-Few ABM: Expanding the Circle

Here you'll need to

  • Still focus on a select group of accounts, but the circle widens
  • Create targeted campaigns that resonate with a small cluster of accounts that share similar characteristics, pain points, or objectives

I personally recommend this approach as it allows you to scale your ABM efforts without losing the personalization factor.

When to use 1-to-Few ABM?

a) Segmented target accounts:

When you have identified multiple accounts that fall into specific segments or verticals, create tailored messaging and content for each segment with One-to-Few ABM.

b) Regional Targeting:

Focus on accounts within specific geographic regions, leverage localized messaging and content to engage the target audience effectively. Create impactful campaigns based on regional preferences, cultural nuances, and market dynamics.

c) Limited resources:

Don't have the bandwidth to execute individualized campaigns for each account? One-to-Few ABM strikes a balance between personalization and efficiency.

3: One-to-Many ABM: Reaching the Masses

Cast a wider net by targeting a larger audience with customized campaigns.

Leverage technology, marketing automation, and data-driven insights to execute targeted campaigns at scale.

Utilize account segmentation and sophisticated tools to create dynamic and personalized content that resonates with your specific groups of accounts.

When to use 1-to-Many ABM:

a) Industry-Specific Campaigns:

Want to prioritize and engage a broader range of accounts?

Maintain a consistent presence across multiple touch points with One-to-Many ABM.

Establish yourselves as thought leaders within targeted industries and engage a wider range of potential customers.

b) Early stages of the sales funnel:

Focusing on creating awareness and generating leads?

With One-to-Many ABM, cast a wide net, nurture prospects until they're ready to move into a more targeted ABM approach.

c) Market Expansion:

Entering new markets or segments?

Leverage this approach to quickly scale your marketing efforts.

By targeting a larger audience with similar characteristics, efficiently generate awareness, interest, and demand, laying the foundation for successful market expansion.

Choosing the Right ABM Strategy

When it comes to selecting the most suitable Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy for your business, factors like (BOTTTT)

  1. Budget
  2. Organizational Goals and Resources
  3. Target Account Characteristics
  4. Team size
  5. Technological capabilities
  6. Timeline

As you embark on your ABM journey, understanding the different types of ABM and when to use each one is crucial.

Oh wait! I spoke to Dean & he has something to say to you:

  • One-to-One ABM is perfect for those precious few high-value accounts,
  • One-to-Few ABM strikes a balance between personalization and scalability, and
  • One-to-Many ABM allows you to reach a larger audience with tailored campaigns.

Tailor your ABM strategy to match your goals, resources, and target accounts, and watch your marketing efforts soar to new heights.

Happy ABM-ing!

One more thing….

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