8 Types of ABM Programs

blog Jul 27, 2023

You know what? it kinda hits hard when people say, “ABM? That must be some new gimmick! ”

Well, this blog is an answer to not only those who comment that

“ABM is just the same book with a different cover…” and blah blah blah

but also to those serious hotshots who want to know how wide this Account Based Marketing net actually is.

So before your coffee gets cold, let’s kick start.

ABM Implementation things

1: One-to-One ABM:

When your marketing team = squad of undercover agents

They put on disguises, study their target accounts like secret agents, and come up with personalized campaigns that hit the bullseye every time.

It's like they have a magic crystal ball that reveals the exact needs and desires of each individual account. It's ABM espionage at its finest.

This works best with:

  • High-value, strategic accounts with complex buying processes
  • Key accounts that can drive substantial revenue and long-term partnerships

We've got some examples for you to have a look:

For example, If we were targeting a company, let's call it "Autozone", the level of effort we'd out in to create ads and landing pages would be like this

1-1 ABM Ad Example:

1-1 personalized ad created with Recotap

Landing Page Example:

1-1 personalized landing page created with Recotap

2. One-to-Few ABM:

Think of this as a mini ABM party

Your marketing team gathers a group of accounts that have similar characteristics, like a bunch of friendly neighborhood superheroes teaming up.

Your team will now craft tailored messages & campaigns that speak directly to this special group.

It's like throwing a small but super effective marketing bash!

This works best with:

  • Group of accounts with similar characteristics/needs
  • Efficiently create tailored campaigns for a small cluster of accounts.

Have a look at these examples from one of our partners:

3. One-to-Many ABM:

This is ABM on Autopilot

This's what I tell to my marketing team when we launch such campaigns:

Unleashes an army of robots who tirelessly work day and night and deliver personalized messages to clusters of accounts.
Personalize marketing messages at scale

It's like having an army of marketing clones doing all the heavy lifting for you.

Let automation handle the grunt work while you sit back and relax!

This works best when you've :

  • A large target account list
  • Scale personalized efforts using automation and technology

4. Account-Based Advertising:

Imagine your ads as cupid's arrows aiming straight for the heart of your target accounts


So, what happens here is that your marketing team plays matchmaker.

They ensure that your ads hit the right accounts at the right time.

It's like love at first sight, but with ads.

Swipe right on those target accounts and watch the magic happen

5. Account-Based Sales Development:

Your sales team becomes the smooth-talking charmers of the business world.

Armed with customized pitches and tailored messages, they woo decision-makers in the target accounts.

It's like a romantic comedy where your salespeople sweep their prospects off their feet and close deals in the most charming and hilarious ways.

6. Events and Conferences - ABM style

Picture your marketing team as party planners extraordinaire.

Organize events and conferences, roll out the red carpet for your target accounts.

It's like throwing the most exclusive and exciting parties in town, complete with flashy lights, live music, and free drinks.

Get ready to dance your way into those target accounts' hearts!

7. Social Media ABM:

Your marketing team becomes social media gurus, engaging with target accounts like social butterflies.

Send personalized messages, create funny and relatable content, and build relationships through the power of memes.

It's like sliding into your target accounts' DMs with hilarious jokes and irresistible charm.

8. Content Marketing ABM:

Imagine your content as a superhero cape, swooping in to save the day for your target accounts.

Your marketing team creates content assets that tackle the specific challenges and pain points of each account.

It's like a comic book adventure where your content fights off villains like boredom and indifference, leaving your target accounts craving for more.

And then for an effective wrap up, have a look at our board where I've pinned all the notes to make it handy for you.

And oh, speaking of comic books,

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