Everything you need to know about starting a podcast as a B2B marketer

blog Feb 20, 2023

As per the report released by Martech, 43% of decision-makers have come forward to state that they consume most of their business content from podcasts. This clearly shows that podcasts work as an excellent connecting point between individuals in key positions and B2B marketers.

The right thing for you to do today is get started on your podcast.

Purpose of a Podcast for B2B marketers:

As a B2B marketer, having your podcast helps you to build a community, attract quality leads, establish thought leadership, and initiate content repurposing.

Building a community in itself creates an active audience for your future products, who in the course of your podcasting journey help in establishing you as a thought leader. Leads become a constant while content repurposing saves additional research and time commitment.

However, the preliminary question is, how can you start your podcast? Let us dive straight into this concern.

  • Zeroing down on your Niche:

With 2 million podcasts and 48 million episodes doing the rounds, being selective about your B2B podcast niche becomes all the more crucial. The core requirement is to be authentic to your expertise while being specific and relevant.

You need not always opt for a brand-new podcast concept. You can simply pick hot-selling genres and tap on them While doing so, be aware of your target audience and their buyer personas. Additionally, while sticking to your expertise, don't forget to introduce a holistic approach and add value to your listeners.

  • Brand Alignment and Publishing:

The first step to a B2B marketer's podcast success is to align your brand with the voice and tone of the podcast. Gathering feedback and inputs from stakeholders is crucial at this step, as it allows them to assess different podcast styles like informative, humorous, casual, innovative, experimental, or conversational. Next, creating a podcast-style guide to use as a manual reference becomes necessary.

Now we come to the slightly challenging part, which is to develop a publishing schedule. At this step, you have to look at aspects like topic selection, research, guest scheduling, post-production, and promotion. Support can be taken from Google sheets to centralize data so that every time you need to relook at the schedule/research thus far the said sheets shall act as a touch point/ready guide to move forward.

  • The Tech Touch:

Now that you have the backend work sorted, it is time to look at the technicalities of a B2B marketing podcast recording. As a first-time podcaster, you can create a home or office studio, which can replicate the setup of a professional sound booth.

For the actual recording, you can explore options like Zencast, riverside.fm and anchor. With Zencast, it isn’t just easy to host a podcast but the same can be published to multiple platforms with ease. Riverside.fm opens doors to an online recording studio where remote podcasts can be recorded with studio quality. Likewise, anchor is your go-to to create, distribute, host and monetize your podcast at 100% no expense.

Coming to the editing part, you can take support from Audacity, a high-quality free, open-source, cross-platform digital audio editing software that stands out for its easy interface, advanced tools & professional sound quality. Your final piece is now ready.

  • Guests Outreach and Onboarding:

For your podcast to continue endlessly, you, as a B2B marketer, must remain focused on keeping your guest list updated with continuous outreach. This is where you can turn to LinkedIn, a global networking platform that brings diverse professionals under one roof. The USP of LinkedIn is that it thrives on networking and collaboration, which works as an advantage while working on the podcast guest list.

This platform can help B2B marketers to generate contacts, develop relationships, and push podcast promotions, all from one platform. This will certainly prove helpful to you because podcasting is a growing industry.

Artavazd Yeritsyan, the founder and CEO of Podcastle is in agreement with Podcastle introducing its video feature earlier this year, where he said, "The podcasting industry is experiencing a major expansion with platforms like YouTube dedicating an independent department to podcasting."

Podcasting is here to stay:

As a B2B marketer, if you are going back and forth on your decision purely because you are experiencing a lack of professional support, it is time for you to think again. Amidst this, all you may require is an account-based marketing solution that can aid you with content generation, personalising strategies, and hitting desired outcomes. For more information on this and to get started right away, feel free to drop us a word, and we will take it ahead from there.

Ashik Peter J

Digital Marketer & Business Storyteller