3 reasons why you should switch to Account Based Advertising Campaigns

Account based Advertising Dec 10, 2019

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)  has become the go-to framework for B2B companies. Account-Based Advertising (ABA) is a programmatic targeting tactic in ABM that aligns marketing effort to a carefully chosen best-fit accounts (and contacts within the accounts) that has a high revenue potential. Here are few reasons why you should transition to ABA from the traditional lead based marketing.

1. ABA is extremely focused and targeted

Account-Based Digital Display Advertising is an effective way to create awareness and expand your reach within the key decision makers. In this approach you only serve ads to accounts that match the target list.

ABA can amplify your outbound efforts and act as a tool to build your brand awareness and in brand recall. ABA has the maximum impact when engaging with Buyers and Influencers who aren't conducting purchase research themselves on the product or service you are trying to sell to them.

If done right it can help in closing sales opportunities faster, nurturing existing relationships and building evangelism. The key is to show the right message to the the right people at the right time.

There are multiple techniques that are adopted for executing ABA campaigns.

IP Targeting: This involves matching account and buyers to specific set of IP addresses and serving digital ads to only those limited set of IP addresses. The technique ensures it is more targeted than traditional demographic based targeting. This also means the media spend is optimised and not wasted in showing ads to non-relevant people.

Cookie based Targeting: This approach involves matching account contacts against a commercial database. This type of targeting can significantly reduce the waste in your media budgets as contact's target medium is known.

2. B2B Marketing is not same as B2C marketing  

If your organisation sells large deals with long-sales cycles involving multiple stakeholders, departments and functions, chances are your current marketing process and tactics are not optimized for such a set up. The reason being traditional digital marketing approach is tuned for high velocity, lower value deals, focused on a single buyer, a lead - just like in B2C.

However, B2B sales often, involves on an average 12 individuals who form the buyer group. Each of these individuals have different needs and pain points to solve from the product or service they are seeking to buy. Hence, each of them evaluates the purchase from a different perspective. This means marketing teams have to craft their messaging, both in their target and engagement campaigns, by keeping each of those individuals account relationship in context.

A generic messaging is not going to cut the deal.

3. Orchestrating programatic campaigns to drive pipeline impact

Your marketing efforts' success hinges on orchestrating and automating buyer interactions based on various triggers and account actions. Therefore there is a need for unifying various campaigns and provide a place to launch and monitor the campaigns centrally.

ABA is high on personalisation - both for pre-click and post click experience. ABA tools provide an inbuilt support for programmatic content personalisation. They help reduce manual effort in marketing operation by generating hundreds of pieces of content programmatically


Recotap's Account Based Digital advertising solution allows marketers to generate higher clickthrough rates, web engagement. Talk to us and get a free consultation to implement ABA as a tactic for acquiring new logos and for land and expand strategy with existing customers.

Arun Gopalaswami

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